Learn tools that'll measurably change the way you work. It'll never be the same again.

Are you overwhelmed by your workload? Do you have too much to do and not enough time? At Then Somehow we believe work doesn’t have to be hard. So we invented tools and programmes that help you make work easier and more fun. Take one of our courses and you'll learn simple yet powerful techniques that put you in control of work again: spend less time on email, spend more time on the work you want to do. So get ready to fuse logic and magic, and fall in love with work again.

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If you're overwhelmed by your workload and struggle to find time to get to your real work and your real passions, you are not alone. People at all levels experience similar feelings.

Email is one of the main culprits. We all spend at least a quarter of our time managing email - that’s 10 hours a week!
• 68% of people check email before 8am
• 40% still do work after 10pm
• 38% check work email at the dinner table

Yet you can do something about it. By learning new ways to manage email and practising new behaviours around prioritising, you can change how you feel about work, and get more done in less time.

In just a few hours we'll show you how to get back in control. Our courses are practical and proven methods for helping you manage your work more efficiently and effectively. They teach you a few simple techniques that will up your game and help you stay on top of it. In short, they'll change everything. You'll gain immediate clarity and control, and reinstate a feeling of calm and confidence. And sleep better at night.

Our courses simply make you more intelligent in how you handle work.

"I can honestly say this has transformed my life for the better.
I’m loving being more organised and achieving results."

Annabel Parfitt

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You can try out these tools for nothing. Our FREE course - Inbox Zero: Email Best Practice - shows you better ways to work with email and is a great place to begin.
Inbox Zero: The Full Course goes deeper into a set of powerful tools to clear your email inbox and keep it that way,
and in Capacity Building you'll learn more great tools for prioritising and managing your work.

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Feel a Whole Lot Better

Gain instant clarity and control over your work, and get back to a feeling of calm and confidence.

Enjoy Work More

Learn new ways to manage email and practise new behaviours - it'll totally change how you feel.

Make Space in Your Life

93% of people who've taken our courses find they can do more in less time.

Work that Makes a Difference

Fall in love with being more organised, achieving results, and getting to the work that makes a difference.

Make Time for Important

Feel more responsive, and focus your attention on important tasks, rather than constantly fire-fighting.

Avoid Work Creep

Learn to stop at the right time: you won't need to work over dinner or when you're with friends and family.

"Hardest training I’ve done. Most unique. Probably going to be the most beneficial."