Welcome to the Course

Welcome to Increase Your Capacity

Increase Your Capacity is a course about working on your work. We'll show you practical tools that'll empower you to create more time to work on what’s important.

Sometimes work can get you down. It’s like there is too much to do in the time available. And while it's better than no work at all, too much work gets stressful, hectic and you can start to feel like you're spinning plates with no end in sight. You know in your gut it can’t end well.

The course leads you through practical steps that you can take to make a positive difference in the way you approach your work. You'll find tools to help you actively work through your current and future projects and tasks - like project mapping and how to use your calendar properly - and you'll identify ways to increase your capacity and maintain control over what you do.

So let's get started - have a look at the video in the next section!