Steve Stark

Hi, I'm Steve Stark.

Welcome. Then Somehow is a place where you'll be understood. A place where you can learn to mix technology with your work and your life. The skills I'll teach you here will give you knowledge and skills to last a lifetime. And you know what? Those skills go WAY beyond work. Stick around awhile, and you'll see. In fact, register for a class right now, and then you'll see.

About Me

I've had a varied career. My first job was as a jelly bean machine salesman.

I soon transitioned to a life on the airwaves and found myself running radio stations, production companies, and classified ad platforms. After more than a decade of outside broadcasts, licence wins and mergers I switched to advising people like Haymarket Publishing and Virgin Media on emerging digital opportunities in data and gaming.

For five years I co-directed People Who Do, which was concerned with helping people and teams be more productive and effective using a variety of tools and techniques. Working with clients like Channel 4, United Business Media, and Nokia taught me about the way organisations work and the way their people exist within them.

Combining that experience with an aptitude for designing practical ways to change things I founded Then Somehow to help organisations understand and change their culture to become better places to work.

I work for moments of transformation: those times when a person starts to feel the benefits of the work they did together. Practical and pragmatic I believe there’s always a way.

In my spare time I make cider, help run a scout troop and for a while, I kept bees.

"Steve is incisive, empathetic, and enjoyable to work with, and his advice and support were highly practical and useful. He has superb client management skills, and he operates with great integrity and sensitivity. I recommend him very strongly."